Sunday, June 17, 2012

Liveaboard Life Minimalism

Sailing, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness

I stumbled upon something tonight that really excited and inspired me. Posting here to share and so I won't lose it.
I think this is going to be better than any book I could read or movie I could rent. I'll be checking out the sites when I take a break from editing photos. And from what I've seen so far, there will be a lot of breaks and fewer editings.

"In 2008 I made a dramatic change to chase a dream. Now I seek to cradle a more authentic relationship with nature. I live on a 27ft sailboat, named Daphne, with only my cat, Dory, for company. I've began traveling in 2008 taking odd jobs to support my lifestyle. My boat is not a house, but it is my home. It is not a car, but I travel a blue road. Follow my journey as I sail, explore, and discover what simple living means to me".  ~ Teresa Carey

Teresa Carey - Liveaboard Life Minimalism
Simple Question - Movie
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It’s the moments when I worked hard

to take care of

Daphne, when all the elements

of the ocean were testing me, and

when all the strength of my body was

gone that I found resources in myself that

would’ve remained undiscovered and still

buried today had I not sailed solo.

These three gifts have made me a

stronger, more independent, and more

confidant person. I’ll always think of my

time sailing solo as a rite of passage in

sailing and in life.

~ Teresa Carey ~

25th Annual Cock Island Boat Race

Coming soon to a computer near you - The 25th Race to Cock Island, with results, photos and notes.
Raw images here: Pictures on Facebook
Some edited images here: My Flickr Photostream

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